Thanks to Melissa Ostoga in Australia, Arrow Web Hospital now has a resuscitation machine which will save the lives of adults and children as well as newborn babies. Bram says it has only just arrived from the UK and once he gets it set up he will be able to tell us more about how it works and give more details about the machine for the doctors and nurses amongst you. We will of course post some photos on the blog.
This is a wonderful gift for the patients and staff . We are so grateful to you Melissa for thinking of Arrow Web Hospital when you posted your dream on the Sunsuper Dreams website. Of course we must also say a big thank you to all our supporters worldwide- around 5000 of you voted for Melissa’s dream.
On March 6th 2013 the Tour .d Afriq again donated 10 bikes to Arrow web hospital and we give a big thank you to Tour .d afriq for they kind support for the last three years, through the bikes our community outreach members as become a very big number and now they are meeting the more community than we were able to meet without the bikes.
Thanks to mike cool and  the tour d afiq tour coordinators we have been receiving bikes from tour dfiq tour for the last 4 years.