Health was the first priority project to Arrow Kenya We began with 3 staff members - a nurse, a laboratory technician and receptionist. We operated in this 2-room house until November of 2006. By this time, the community demand for our services was very high. We had registered more than 5,000 patients.

ARROW KENYA was established as a Non-Profit making Organization whose main priority is to help the community in tackle these and other health problems in their lives by offering curative and preventive health services at Arrow-Web Hospital. The hospital has 11 beds for inpatients and sees between 110-150 patients per week depending on the weather.
The main priority areas of focus are:

  1. Primary Health Care
    2. HIV/AIDS Mitigation
    3. Family Planning
    4. Ant-Natal care program
    5. PMTCT PROGRAM-Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission

And more other health care issues
Our project will focus on the sustainable development of the hospital and existing hospital programs as well as services aimed at community development in order to begin addressing the root causes of disease and poor health in the area.
Arrow Web Hospital is a community health care service provide health care services  at the crass root level and has been providing people of the kayole Soweto Slums in Nairobi Kenya with much needed medical care since 2005. Arrow Hospital is dedicated to their patients and community.