To provide quality affordable healthcare services to the countless suffering communities in Kenya and beyond.

To become the leading organization in the provision of healthcare services in Kenya and throughout Africa.


Our strengths include a qualified well-trained and reliable staff, a competent Governing Board, the willingness of the community to attend Arrow Web Hospital, commendable and secure relationships with the community and other like-minded organizations within our working area. We havea good relationship with the Government having met all the requirements and gone through the required registration procedures.
Looking back at our past activities, our success has made us prioritize our strategic area of focus on expansion of our services.  We desire to have a fully equipped, national standard hospital.  The goal of this strategic focus is to enable us to meet the needs of a larger population than we are currently able to, bringing quality and effective health services closer to them.
The Kayole-Soweto Villages in the Embakasi division around Nairobi have an estimated population of more than 1000,000. The majority of people living here earn less than a dollar a day.

Transparency and Accountability:

To be open and take responsibility for the affairs of the organization and make it easy for all stakeholders to understand the processes and action.

Honesty and Integrity:

To be principled and fair in service delivery and conduct all activities with unfailing commitment to high professional standards.


To create a climate of trust and respect that empowers the staff to develop to the fullest by encouraging excellence innovation and shared ideas.

Innovation and Creativity:

Endeavoring to cope with constant change by cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation among staff and the local community and utilizing the most modern technology in the achievement of the organization objectives.

Quality Service Delivery:

To provide high quality and sustainable services which are timely and affordable.

Commitment to Duty:

To display commitment in whatever we do.


To accord equal opportunity to all within and outside the organization.


To display steady effort and show of concern of the community.